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Greetings school nurses,

ASNA wants to welcome all of you to the beginning of the 21-22 school year! Whether you are brand new or a seasoned veteran of school nursing, we hope that this school year is great for you. It is becoming apparent that we are not "out of the woods" yet, so to speak, regarding COVID-19. As members of the Arlington School Nurses Association, we will remain committed to exploring and using all of the tools at our disposal to protect the health and well-being of the staff and students in our community. We would like to encourage everyone to join ASNA this year! Dues are only $5 for the year. ASNA's vision is to promote a positive professional image of school nursing though evidenced-based nursing practice, continued professional education, and leadership development. ASNA is committed to supporting school nurses and providing education and evidence-based research. ASNA also strives to provide a social community of nurses who encourage and support one another. In addition, our organization gives back to the Arlington community via service projects and nursing scholarships. We will be ordering T-Shirts again this year to show off our school nursing pride. If you would like, you can send $25 to Jeannene Young at Young Junior High ($20 for shirt and $5 for dues) via interschool mail/in-person, or you may send money electronically via There will be more details regarding shirts coming soon. Mark your calendars for our first meeting on Tuesday, 9/28 at 4:30. We will "meet" via zoom and hear from Dr. Kimberly Eden about how the Delta variant of COVID-19 is affecting our community. We will send out details closer to the first meeting. Please be sure to join our Facebook page and check our website often for important updates!

Brittany Rainey, RN, BSN, CPN


Arlington School Nurses Association

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