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ASNA is dedicated to the promotion of health and education sucess of children by supporting the practice and recognition of professional school nurses. We are proud to be School Nurses!!! Leading, advocating, educating, and caring are part of our daily routine.
The purpose of the ASNA is to maintain, promote and advance quality school health services and health education thought the interest and rights of our members.  
The member of the ASNA Board of Directors, understand that school nursing is a specialized practice of nursing. School Nurses, grounded in ethical and evidence-based practice, are leaders who bridge health care, advocate for quality student-centered care, collaborating with the school system that allow individuals and our community to develop their full potential .
Please check our links, we are committed to provide you the resources on the most import issues and topics for school nurse's practice.
We want to thank you ASNA members for supporting our professional organization, the ASNA board of directors has always been here, and will continue to be there, for school nurse's member.
Remember the ASNA is the voice for the Arlington School Nurses with commitment to excellence.


Board Members

Brittany Rainey


Rosana Renzzo

Vice President

Jeannene Young


Leah Prda